Monday, February 23, 2009

Stress Busters

Just to get things going why doesn't everyone talk about some stress busters that really seem to work for them?
* Prioritizing, make a list of things to get done and rank them by priority level. When you're done with something cross it off the list, this can really help with stress.
* Take a time-out: Take a few minutes to stretch, rest your eyes, or even exercise.
* Plenty of sleep: if you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep, it is proven you will work faster, and be more productive. So if burning the midnight oil isn't working this could help.


  1. Brooklyn! You did not tell us you had a blog! We'll be your first "followers" and fans! :-)

    We are so proud of you and happy for you!

  2. OK, now I feel stupid. Kristi just said, "I know that. She posted it on Facebook."

    Sorry that I missed that post. :-)

  3. yay you have a blog! I want to now if youve got a gmail? This will be good since i dont have a facebook.